Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm NOT Lovin' It!

McDonald's current motto is "I'm Lovin' It"...meaning, I guess, that people love their food. I don't eat there often, but it does hit the spot from time to time. Anyway, I was riding the Metro subway yesterday to work, due to the 3 inches of snow we got. There are various ads on the subway car, and McDonald's had one - - showing a tall bubbly cup of Coke and a juicy hamburger next to it. Yum...!

Metro has a VERY strict rule of NO food or drink. It helps to keep the system clear of trash, rats, bugs, etc. Once in a while though, and I don't know if they are tourists, but people come on the subway cars with their drinks and/or food (usually on a weekend). I'm not sure how they get by the Metro officials when going through the fare gates... In the past, people have been arrested and/or fined by even consuming food as they go down the escalators into the subways.

Anyone who knows me, knows that images or commercials about food REALLY get my senses going, and I can't look at or listen to food commercial ads. I'm definitely not one of those people who can watch a cooking show! So there I am on the subway, and my eyes are fixed on this McDonald's ad....my mouth is watering....what torture! :) Cruel and unusual punishment. :) Why would Metro put an ad like that up, when they don't allow food on the train?! Seems a little contradictory.

Nevertheless, I AM happy to have the subway available to get to work in inclement weather. It always is running, though once in a while, when we get A LOT of snow, they can't service the above-ground stations. But that only lasts a little while, til they can get the snow off the tracks. The Metro is more reliable than a bus line at least!