Saturday, December 15, 2012

Glad to have public transportation

When I was looking to buy a house, one necessary factor was that it needed to be within a few miles of bus and/ or subway. I wanted to continue to stay car-free, and having access to public transportation is a key element. The house I ended up choosing had a bus stop right on the corner of the property, which can take me to the subway station located less than a mile away. :). Can't beat that!! At the end of November, when biking to work, the driver of a large pick-up truck hit me from behind. :( My right arm was broken when I fell. I will have to rely on 4 wheels now instead of my trusty I am very thankful to have easy access to public transportation so that I can get to doctor appointments, physical therapy and also to get to work, whenever I go the subway has stations near each of these destinations.