Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Freedom with a Folder

On July 4th, I had plans to meet up with a friend in Old Town Alexandria, to have lunch, see a movie and watch the DC fireworks from atop her condo.  I know that bikes aren't allowed on Metro on big holidays or crowded events.  I got off my bike as I approached the Metro entrance.  I saw two gals walking away with their full-sized bikes, and I wondered if maybe the rules didn't apply for earlier in the day.  But then I saw a white piece of paper taped on the handicap turnstile saying "No Bikes".  Just then the lady Metro attendant saw me and said, "Excuse me - - Excuse Me, Ma'aam!"  I knew what she was going to say.  I held up a finger as if to say, "Hold on, wait a minute" - as I turned to quickly fold up and cover my Brompton.  You could hear her exclaim "Oh....okay!  A folding bike!  No problem."  As I wheeled it through the turnstile, she said she had had to tell about 6 other bikers that no bikes were allowed, but she was glad that I had a folding bike. :)  It's great to be able to bring my covered Brompton on Metro when other bikes aren't allowed.  When these circumstances come up, it makes me glad I have my Brompton. :)  Definitely makes it worth it.

The trip home after the fireworks was a little more difficult, with TONS of people on the Metro - - I barely managed to fit on.  Reminded me of taking the subway in Manhattan during rush hour.  It was do-able, however, I think next year, I'll skip taking the Metro and just ride downtown (or somewhere nearby) to see the fireworks. 

The Metro does come in handy, especially when it's bad weather (and we've had some pretty hot weather this month).  The Metro station is only a mile from my house, and then it's nice to arrive at my destination without being overly hot and sweaty.