Monday, June 20, 2011

Music to my ears :)

Recently, I had heard about an outdoor concert held at a park not too far from my apartment. I hadn't heard of or been to the park before, but saw on a map that it was located about 8 miles away, on the bus line that goes by my apartment. So I decided to bring my Brompton onto a bus headed in that direction. However, in a few minutes, I realized that particular bus was soon making a right turn and heading in another direction. So I got off at that stop, and then walked back over to the main bus line and caught the next bus that continued to head in the direction I wanted to go. I got off a little sooner than I should have to get to the park, but it worked out. As I crossed the busy road, I saw there was a bus stop at the entrance to the park - - so that would be perfect for when I needed to make my return trip.

I rode up to the amphitheatre entrance for the concert, and as I folded my Brompton a lady walking nearby saw how the bike transformed to a small package and was surprised. We chatted as we got a spot on the lawn, about bikes and being car-free, and she said I was "brave" to go without a car. I told her how I had been doing pretty good without a car, using my bike in conjunction with the bus, train, etc. I could have brought my full-size bike, but felt that with the Brompton, at least I could fold it up and it wouldn't be in anyone's way.

When I left the concert, a little after 9 p.m., I checked the bus schedule I had printed out for that bus line and saw that the next bus would be in about 40 minutes. I should have checked the schedule I could have caught an earlier bus. (They only were running about once an hour, since it was after rush-hour). As I stood at the darkened bus stop, I felt a little nervous and vulnerable. I did have my bike lights and reflective vest to ride, though I had been meaning to get a good rear blinking light. I thought about riding home, but the road was a busy one and not that much extra space to ride. I don't mind riding at night time, as long as I feel safe. The road was also fairly hilly and it would take me a bit long to ride home. The Brompton is a decent bike, but the 6 gears is a little bit limiting. I was hoping the bus would come on time. Finally, the bus came around the corner and I happily flagged it to stop for me. I was home in about 10-15 min.

I think that if I attend a concert at this park again in the future, I will see about catching the earlier bus. Also, I have since bought a very bright flashing rear bike light, and feel better about being seen by approaching cars, just in case I do decide to ride home from there.

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable summer's evening. :)