Thursday, June 25, 2009

A New Crossing

Earlier this month, a new way for bicycles to cross the Potomac River opened up. :) The original Wilson Bridge was built in 1961 with 3 lanes in each direction. It was demolished and 8 years later a new 12 lane bridge was built in its place. Any time I crossed the bridge in a car, I would anxiously look at the bike path being built, and couldn't WAIT to finally be able to cross it on my bike. One draw to crossing it was to enjoy the newly built National Harbor on the Maryland side. It's a development containing housing, restaurants, shops, and the largest convention center on the East coast.

So, finally, on June 6, the new path opened up, and HUNDREDS of bicyclists showed up to enjoy it! :) You can see my brother in the foreground of this picture, as he joined me on the bike ride across. :) Everyone had smiles on their faces as the states of Virginia and Maryland met via biking and walking. There are 3 bump-outs on the bridge that have benches, a place to lock your bike, and binocular stands to take in the great views. On the Maryland side, a very nice promenade had been built, with lovely landscape, and plaques describing the history of the area. There are interesting descriptions of all the different kinds of fish that are in the Potomac.

Some people I know couldn't understand why I was so happy and excited to have this new path open up. Afterall, there are 3 other bridges that bicyclists can cross the Potomac. But, for 40 years, motorists ONLY have been able to cross the Potomac River on this bridge. June 6, 2009 was finally the day for Virginia and Maryland bikers and pedestrians to cross the bridge and enjoy what each state has to offer. It was a GREAT day! :)