Friday, February 3, 2012

My New Abode :)

Well, my new residence doesn't QUITE look like this, but it's a castle in my eyes. :) I had my house closing last week and partially moved in that evening. :) It's really hard to believe that I'm a HOMEOWNER now! I've been a renter all my life, so this is different!

It's nice to have lots of space for a change. Having lived in apartments and/or sharing houses, it has been space-limiting. I always had to be concerned with whether I would have enough space for all my bikes, for one thing. Now I have a huge basement to store them. :)

Having a house though, presents some new challenges to being car-free. There are things you need to purchase when you own a house, that you don't need when you live in an apartment... One good thing is that there is a Zipcar location only a mile away (there's a pick-up truck there). So that'll come in handy for when I need to haul something that won't fit on my bike trailer. :)

So, stay tuned for new adventures as I continue to attempt to live car-free. :)