Thursday, January 26, 2012

Inexpensive Travel

I recently saw an article on our local news that buses like Megabus and Bolt bus, had a 32% increase in passengers last year. The poor economy and high gas prices have inspired people to look for less expensive ways to travel. I enjoy taking the Megabus because the buses are comfortable, the drivers (for the most part) are good and cautious. Once in a while, we will have a speedy driver who takes the curves a little fast, or hit the brakes suddenly, and that can be a little scary...but that is a rarity. There is Wi-Fi on the bus, and though I don't bring a laptop, I do use my cell phone to surf the net, do emails, etc. The people on the bus are all ages, and range from college kids to well-dressed middle-class. I've had interesting and enjoyable conversations with many passengers in my bus travels. The buses almost ALWAYS leave on time - - they remind me of the trains. :) It's nice when things run on time. :) Plus, there are MANY departure times to choose from, which helps in scheduling your day. For instance, if I wanted to go to NYC this weekend, there are 22 scheduled departures from D.C.! That's probably more than a plane!

Hopefully the prices will continue to stay inexpensive, and the buses will have good drivers and on-time performance. :)