Thursday, November 5, 2009

Got a Light?

I was just reading in the paper today about how there was a huge traffic problem caused yesterday when computers crashed that operate the traffic lights in a nearby Maryland county. They are programmed according to the morning and evening rush hours. But when the computers crashed, the timing of the lights were all off, and caused unbelievable headaches and back-ups for commuters. Evidently, the computers are from the Jimmy Carter era, and are slowly being replaced.

I'm glad that my bike commute isn't dictated by the lights. When a light turns red, I'm at the front of the line, waiting on the side - there's no back-up for me. I can't tell you how nice it is to not have stress from lights and traffic. As long as there is a slim area for me to get by, my bike and I roll on.

There was also another article in the paper about how controversial speed cameras are. How they generate a ton of money for states, but motorists are getting fed up with them - getting speeding tickets all the time. The speed cameras have multiplied, and it's like "Terminator" - humans against machines. When I had my car and drove, I can't tell you how many speeding tickets I have gotten in my life. I couldn't help it - I loved to drive fast - it was fun. I could have been another Danica Patrick. :)

But now I enjoy NOT getting speeding tickets, and when I'm on my bike, I'm always below the speed limit. :) Even if I'm zooming. :)