Monday, August 31, 2009

An "Enterprising" Weekend :)

This past weekend, I was invited to spend time with friends at a house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Since I needed a car overnight, I chose to rent a car from Enterprise. You CAN get a Zipcar overnight, but I believe you have to return it in the morning of the following day. I needed to have the car til the late afternoon/evening.

So I rode my bike to the Enterprise location near the airport. I could have ridden to a location closer to home, but their office didn't open til 9 a.m., vs. the one by the airport which opened at 6 a.m. When I was giving the car rental agent my license, he saw my Zipcar in my wallet. He made a comment about Zipcar and thought it was a bit expensive to use, especially with the annual fee they charge. I told him I only have to pay the hourly fee because I had donated my vehicle and had been given a free, lifetime membership. So he thought that was pretty cool. :)

The cost of the two-day rental with Enterprise, gas, insurance and other fees, it was about the same cost if I had gotten a Zipcar for two days. It's just that with Enterprise, you have unlimited miles, vs. the Zipcar limit of 180 miles each day.

The Enterprise car had satellite radio, which was nice, although I had brought CDs along to listen to. It also had leather seats and a sunroof. Not that I really needed those, but it was a nice touch. :) My family and friends were impressed that it was a nice new car. It's not everyday you can ride in a new car. :)