Friday, February 20, 2009

Easy Parking

My roommate is leaving town this afternoon for a long weekend, and she's parked her car at the airport nearby. After I get off work, I'll ride to the airport to find the car and put my Tikit in the back of it to drive home, so there won't be unnecessary parking costs over the weekend. Come Monday morning, I'll drive it back to the airport garage and leave for my friend to get when she gets off the plane. She said I can use her car over the weekend, if I want or need it. This is a nice offer, and I thought of various places I could go, and shopping/errands to take care of.

I could go to the PetSmart to buy a heavy, large bag of cat litter; go to Nordstroms at the Mall, and see about getting a new pair of shoes; go to the lamp store and get a certain replacement light bulbs...

But as I considered the process of getting these things, I had second thoughts. For the cat litter, instead, I could just hook up the Bike Friday trailer suitcase, and put the cat litter in there to bring it home. As for the shoes at the Mall, when I'm on my bike, I usually just pull up and lock my bike right near the door of the store, and be in and out very quickly. With a car, you have to park in the garage, which is located on the OTHER side of the mall, walk a long way around to get to the store, and, of course, PAY to park the car. It seemed foreign and odd to me to have to PAY to park, since I'm so used to biking places and parking for free.

Plus, I thought, I'd be missing out on getting some exercise and fresh air while taking care of these errands and more....

You know what? I think I'll just ride my bike - it's more fun and easier! :)

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