Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hybrids Make Your Wallet Happy

I just got an email from Zipcar, announcing that their hybrid Zipcars will be offered at a lower price ($7-$8/hr.) compared to their regular cars ($9-$10/hr.) :) That's nice to know, plus it's more kind to the environment. So I'll keep it mind when I have to rent a Zipcar in the future. Hopefully the hybrid cars will continue to stay at a lower hourly fee - it would definitely encourage Zipsters to choose a hybrid.

This Friday is the annual Bike to Work Day. :) People wonder why I get excited about this event. They say, "But EVERY DAY is Bike to Work Day for you!" That's kind of true - however, it's not everyday that there are pitstops set up with coffee/donuts/bananas, vendor booths (Zipcar is always represented there!), raffle prizes given away, etc. So I like to stop by, see some of my bike commuter friends, check out the booths, pick up various brochures and talk to people, see bikers coming and going - it's quite the festive atmosphere - especially when the weather is favorable. :) Good weather is helpful to encourage new bike commuters to give it a try.


Beany said...

Are zipcars located in convenient locations? In San Diego they only have them on campuses and since I don't live close to one, zipcar is practically telling me to avoid using their service. Oh well...more money in my pocket. :)

Char said...

Beany - they are located in various cities....I'm aware that in San Diego, they don't have many at all available (which is odd). Check out their website: www.zipcar.com as for others cities listed. Hopefully they will expand more as time goes on!