Friday, March 16, 2012


Spring is one of my favorite times of the year - - I ALWAYS enjoy the colorful trees and flowers! I wish Spring would last longer... To enjoy the nice weather at my house, I got a porch swing (from a Craigslist ad). I used a Zipcar pick-up truck to go get it. It's nice to have the ability to get the KIND of car that I need, depending on what I need it for. :)

Speaking of cars, I came across this neat picture taken by a biking guy visiting in Brussels, of an electric car recharging on the street.
I was thinking it would be neat if we had these in the U.S. - and then I was reading in the news today that they just added 8 of these charging stations last night at Reagan National Airport! :) (See second picture below) I also read they have charging stations at Dulles Airport and BWI, which I didn't know. :) Very cool and it's good to see. :) Hopefully electric cars will be more common in the future. At least they don't pollute the air.

I have a new housemate moving into my house soon, and he's talking about selling his car to save money, and be car-free. :) I told him I have lots of tips to give him on how to be car-free and that it's completely do-able. :) He's happy that there's a bus stop right at the corner of my house, that goes to Metro, so that helps a lot. :) That's one of the criteria for when I was looking for a house to buy...that it be located within a mile or so of a Metro station. Having a bus stop at my corner is an added plus, to make it a little more easier/enjoyable in case of bad weather. :)

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Rootchopper said...

I have seen one of these at a Walgreens near my house. Now if the Post Office had an electric delivery fleet....