Friday, November 2, 2012

Voter Parking

    Last weekend, my area had the option of early voting, so I rode my bike over to College Park Community Center, to check it out.  I can pick up a bike trail near my house that comes out next to the parking lot of the community center.  Perfect!  I saw all the voting placards, then I saw the very lengthy line of voters.  As I pulled up to lock my bike to a street sign, there was a steady stream of cars slowly inching their way along, trying to find parking where there was none.  I don't think people expected to find such a big voter turn-out!  So, not only was it going to take a lot of time for them to find parking...but when they finally got in line, they would later find out that it would take TWO HOURS to finally get to a voting machine!  I wonder how it will be on the actual election day, for people to find parking...and then try to get to work at a decent time.  I think the local communities ought to encourage people to walk or bike to their voting locations.  It would definitely help everyone in the long run...or should I say the long line?! :)


Chandra said...

Glad you're able to ride to the voting place.
It took me 5 minutes to vote on election day. Yay!
Peace :)

She Rides a Bike said...

I had planned to bike to the polling station but as it turned out my mail in ballot arrived just in time for me to be able to send it in. Didn't hear about many long lines here but some alleged attempts to suppress the DEM and Latino votes. Heavy sigh! Provisional ballots are still being counted, too.