Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 Years & Counting!

     Well, this month marks my 5th year being car-free! :)  Hard to believe...  More and more each day, I read in news articles, about how people are moving out of the suburbs and into urban areas to be closer to work, and be able to walk, bike or use public transportation to get groceries, see friends, etc.  They are centralizing where they live and work.  Also, in the past five years, the share of new cars bought by young people (age 18-34) has dropped 30%.  They are struggling with the recession, but also, social trends have changed, and a lot more people are socializing via the internet.  A study has shown that the longer they go without a car, the easier it is to adjust to a life without a car.  And I think that's true - - at first it's a bit of a learning curve, to think about how to get around differently, to schedule (and/or "pad" your time) to get places, how to carry things when running errands, how to deal with inclement weather, wear the proper clothes to be comfortable in the summer and winter.  But soon after, this kind of lifestyle becomes "normal" - just like life with a car was "normal."  And everyone knows the benefits of more exercise to help your body, and less cars on the road to help the environment.  It's a win-win situation. 


Chandra said...

This is a big achievement.

Paz :)

Sabrina said...

Congratulations on 5 years!

We hit our 5th year anniversary of car-free living in mid-October of this year. In October 2007, about 1 month after we moved to Toronto, I drove my car to my parents' place in the country and left it there. They had given me the car, but it was getting old. I was tired of paying huge repair bills every month. The best decision we ever made!

Yes, it's a challenge sometimes getting out with the kids and trekking through the snow to get groceries. But it keeps us healthy and happy.

I'm enjoying your blog.

Sabrina :)